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Model: 526
This Axe Dark Temptation deodorant from the well known manufacturer, Unilever is one of the leading and favourite products in India. It has a tempting chocolate fragrance that nobody can resist. This deodorant provides complete freshness and keeps you feeling fresh for hours together. Its fragrance ..
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Model: 1020
Axe Denim lather shaving cream comes with a creamy lather that helps in a quick easy glide shave. Designed for sensitive skin this shaving formula protects skin from razor cuts and skin tightness while shaving. It is enriched with moisturizers that keeps your skin hydrated and smooth for long. With ..
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Model: 519
Axe is the World’s # 1 Male Deodorant with several iconic fragrances. Axe fragrances not only smell good but also keep you fresh, clean and confident. All Axe male grooming products are infused with these iconic fragrances to give you the ultimate grooming experience...
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Model: 513
No gas body perfumePocket sized and easy to carry250 Sprays that lasts 1 month#Concentrated with 3x more perfume^Just 3-4 sprays keeps you smelling fresh for 12 hoursStrong and long lasting fresh fragranceKeeps body odour away..
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Model: 296
Babool Toothpaste is made from herbal extracts and natural ingredients natural that prevents swelling and bleeding of gums, keeping your gums healthy and teeth strong. The anti-bacterial properties help fight bad breath. It comes in 200g tube...
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Model: 253
Boroplus skin cream is powered by active herbals formula that heals cuts, burns, insect bites and minor sores. Some of its other useful traits are: softens chapped skin and lips, cures minor burns, cures minor cuts and wounds, heals shaving cuts and nicks. It forms a defensive protective layer over ..
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Model: 508
Boroplus Prickly Heat powder provides immediate relief from the harsh heat. Its Icy cool effect offers relief and cure from scorching heat, itching and rashes giving a soothing relief. It also features a strong aroma that leaves you smelling fresh throughout the day. It comes in a 150g pack...
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Model: 114
This Cinthol soap offers a fresh lime fragrance for a rejuvenating bath experience. It cleanses your skin and the pores gently. This soap helps deodorise your body, while nourishing the skin to a T. It comes in a pack of 3 units each weighing 125g...
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Model: 269
Aloe vera leaves your beard soft and irritation-free dual-cleansing system removes dust and oil, thereby reducing pimples and leaving your beard conditionedThe ultimate cleaning solution for bearded menSqueeze a small amount your palm, rub to lather and apply on face and beard rinse with water enjoy..
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