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Model: 616
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Model: 633
Ariel detergent powder offers bright and clean clothes. It works effectively for both bucket wash as well as machine wash. This detergent powder will squeeze through all the dirt underlying in the fabric and leaves it a fresh fragrance. It can even remove the tough stains in collars, cuffs and pocke..
Ex Tax:Rs.580
Model: 631
The Ariel Complete 500g washing powder has a multiple cleaning system and built-in additives to provide a complete wash. Combining the power of bar, brush and blue in its pink noodles, green speckles and blue speckles, this powder helps remove the toughest of stains with 100% stain removing power. Y..
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Model: 632
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Ex Tax:Rs.230
Model: 651
This Comfort fabric conditioner gives a fresh and natural fragrance that lasts up to fourteen days. It does not bleach clothes, but softens them by smoothening the fibres. This conditioner keeps the clothes fresh throughout the day, while removing the dullness from them. This Comfort conditioner hel..
Ex Tax:Rs.56
Model: 653
The Comfort fabric conditioner is a rich, soft and creamy liquid that gives long lasting freshness. It ensures that your clothes get the care that they need, apart from being neat and clean. The odour defence formula offers delightful fragrance to your clothes that makes them remain fresh and fragra..
Ex Tax:Rs.218
Model: 652
The Comfort fabric fresh conditioner is has a long-lasting fragrance to leave your clothes smelling fresh for up to 14 days after the wash. By smoothening the tangled fibres, this conditioner leaves your clothes feeling soft and supple. It also provides an unbeatable shine to the fabric, leaving the..
Ex Tax:Rs.218
Model: 656
The Godrej Ezee liquid detergent is a specialist for winter wears. You do not require soda-laden and stain-removing agents to clean and soften the fabric. Your clothes just need a gentle cleaning agent and Ezee does it right. The 'NO SODA' formula is unique with a neutral pH value, making the liquid..
Ex Tax:Rs.175
Model: 654
For clothes that need gentle cleaning the Godrej Ezee liquid detergent is the ideal choice. Its unique no-soda formula is ph-neutral making it safe to use on your favourite clothes. It comes with a formulated fabric conditioner that makes your clothes smell and feel amazing after every wash. Ezee is..
Ex Tax:Rs.49
Model: 655
Give your clothes a refreshed look by washing them in this detergent liquid from Ezee. It uses a specially designed formula to preserve the quality of the fabric. This detergent comes in 23g sachets and is ideal for automatic dosing. This detergent liquid is suitable with all types of materials...
Ex Tax:Rs.180
Model: 620
A cost-effective solution to keeping your clothes crisp, clean and neat, the Ghari detergent powder offers superior fragrance and comes with a long-lasting fragrance that leaves your clothes fresh and clean. It dissolves easily in water. It is available in a 190 g pack...
Ex Tax:Rs.10
Model: 619
Ghari detergent powder helps keep your clothes new for a long time. It is gentle on the fabric and prevents fading...
Ex Tax:Rs.162
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